Treebo Minecraft

Key Features

Treebo’s Skyblock draws from the tradition challenge gamemode, maintaining the features that keep the game fun, while bringing fresh concepts to extend the experience. Featuring custom islands for the overworld, nether and end handcrafted by our build team, Treebo’s rendition of the Skyblock gamemode brings innovation and fun to the challenge.

Custom Challenges

Our skyblock features a plethora of custom challenges that allow players to progress through unique goals, gaining a sense of accomplishment as they complete tasks and earn increasingly better rewards. Simply run the command /is challenges to open up our easy-to-navigate interface, hovering over each icon to get a description of the challenges and it’s accompanied reward.

Island Levels

As you play through the gamemode, X. You can calculate your current level with /is level - which also informs you how much more experience you will need to level up. All blocks have an “experience” value that can be shown by holding the block and typing /is value. Blocks must be placed down to contribute to the island level. Rarer blocks, such as iron, gold and diamond contribute greatly to your island level.

Random Ore Generation

Of course, that raises questions into how exactly you can obtain such valuable blocks. Our custom ore generation allows you to obtain all ores found in a normal overworld - and spawn conveniently within your cobblestone generator! The rarity of each ore draws upon your island level - the higher your level, the better the ores.


Participate in the exciting promise of capitalism with our easy-to-navigate shop interface, allowing you to buy and sell any item you can think of at the press of a command. Collect a fortune through our shop and auction systems. You can view your balance with /bal and see the servers richest elite with /baltop WIth five simple characters, /shop instantaneously opens a categorised interface that allows for efficient buying and selling of a plethora of resources. Simply click the item you wish to buy/sell to analyse the profits and returns. Furthermore, sell your goods to other players through our remote auction house! /auction will display all of the current items up for sale - hovering over each one will allow you to inspect its details. Whether you want to sell a piece of dirt or an enchanted sword, this market is available to all players on the survival servers.

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