Treebo Minecraft

Survival features

Treebo knows the importance of remaining true to simple vanilla gameplay, while adding some flavour to enhance the survival multiplayer experience. Our SMP focuses on providing a refreshing experience that encourages interaction, and supports global chat between other game-modes so you can stay in the loop!


You can relax and enjoy your time on our Survival gamemode knowing that our claims plugin enables you to protect your home and belongings, keeping them private while still granting you the ability to control the protection zone with a variety of flags - allowing you to invite your friends to join your claim, while keeping strangers out.

All it takes is a golden shovel, with one right click on a block to cement the first anchor corner of the claim, and another right click to define the opposing corner. With such an easy process, you’ll know your house is protected while you’re out mining, foraging or fighting!


Participate in the exciting promise of capitalism with our easy-to-navigate shop interface, allowing you to buy and sell any item you can think of at the press of a command. Collect a fortune through our shop and auction systems. You can view your balance with /bal and see the servers richest elite with /baltop

WIth five simple characters, /shop instantaneously opens a categorised interface that allows for efficient buying and selling of a plethora of resources. Simply click the item you wish to buy/sell to analyse the profits and returns.

Furthermore, sell your goods to other players through our remote auction house! /auction will display all of the current items up for sale - hovering over each one will allow you to inspect its details. Whether you want to sell a piece of dirt or an enchanted sword, this market is available to all players on the survival servers.

Expansive World

Treebo boasts a world border 30000000 blocks wide - the possibilities are endless! Countless biomes, structures and space to explore and colonise.

With such a massive world to play with, you’re probably asking - how will I ever explore all that space? Alright, you weren’t asking - but I have the answer anyway! /wild will take you to a random location on the world's surface. That's 9e+14 possible blocks (admittedly, we’re not even sure you’d be able to explore that in your lifetime)